Yankok Mini Stripper / Cutter / Punch Down Tool | Pack of 10 Small and Light コンテンツにスキップ
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Yankok Mini Stripper / Cutter / Punch Down Tool 10 Pcs Yellow for UTP STP FTP Cables, Patch Panel Block and 10-30 AWG Gauge Wires


Complete with wire stripping, cutting and punch-down functions and come in 10 pcs.

Light weighs and designed with a small bend to give you a good grip while you work.

Multiple blade grooves in the middle for stripper and cutting cables of varying wire sizes.

Features an IDC 110 style contact blade for placing and terminating wires on patch panels and blocks.

Finger rotated at the other end for stripping and quickly remove the cable jacket.




What is in the Package?
10x Stripper/Cutter/Punch Down Tool

Quantity: Pack of 10
Size: 3.66x1.06x0.43 in. / 93.00x27.00x11.00 mm
Material: SK5 high carbon steel and ABS body

This three-in-one punch down is compact, lightweight, and can fit on a keychain.
Strip and cut through American wire gauge (AWG) wires with a thickness of 10-30 mm.
Strip and cut through shielded and unshielded twisted pair (UTP/STP/FTP) style cables.
Features an IDC 110 style contact blade for patch panels and punch down blocks.

Small and Light Project Item only ships from China warehouse with international shipping with 10-20 days of delivery.

About Yankok®:
Yankok® offers a comprehensive line of products created to prep, connect, and test network, phone, CATV, home theater, satellite, and security cables for residential or commercial systems.
Yankok® has manufactured premium-quality, professional-grade hand tools that deliver the performance, durability and precision needed to get the job done right.
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