Yankok All-in-One Pass Through Crimper (Crimps RJ45 Pass-Thru and RJ12 Passer au contenu
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Yankok All-in-One Pass Through Crimper (Crimps RJ45 Pass-Thru and RJ12 RJ11 Standard Shielded and Unshielded) YK-0718BK


✅Multi Modular Plugs Application – Fast, reliable modular-crimp connector installation for voice and data applications. Crimps, strips and cuts standard and pass through connectors for RJ45 Cat 3/4/5/5e/6 (8x8) (8P8C), RJ12 6-position (6x6) (6P6C), RJ11 4-position (6x4) (6P4C) and RJ11 2-position (6x2) (6P2C).

✅Compact Design Modular Crimper – 2/3 the size of traditional crimpers, one hand operation with rust resistant black oxide coated steel core. Recoil spring loaded ergonomic matte handle returns tool to ready position upon cycle completion helps you save time and effort. The compact size fits in any pocket, tool pouch and chest.

✅Build for Shielded Network Plugs – Crimps standard RJ45 (Data) and RJ12 RJ11 (Voice) fixed die cavities, supports Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 Ethernet STP/UTP cables, twisted pairs, phone, voice and data cables crimping. Also works for Cat6a Cat7 shielded connectors and even crimp the metal clip on the plugs.

✅Built-in Cat7 to Cat5 Switcher – Switch from Cat7 to Cat5 crimping by using a screwdriver to loosen then switch up or down to change the compression mode. Enables you to crimp both shielded CAT6a connectors as well as standard RJ45 connectors. The Cat7 mode stands for Cat7 shielded plugs crimping. Cat5 mode stands for Cat5e and Cat6 plugs crimping.

🎁What’s in the Package? – Package includes 1x All-in-One Pass Through Crimper, 1x Mini Cable Stripper and 3x Network Connectors for Test. After use, you can conveniently store it due to its locking feature, all together make this all-in-on network tool a top-ranked choice today.



What’s in the Package?
1x All-in-One Pass Through Crimper
1x Mini Cable Stripper
3x Network Connectors for Test

Item Features:
2/3 the size of traditional crimpers.
Built-in punch down lock feature for easy storage.
One hand operation with spring loaded ergonomic matte handle.
Crimping dies are precision ground from high-carbon steel.
Heavy duty rust-resistant black oxide coated steel core.
Compact size fits in any pocket, tool pouch and chest.
Crimps CAT5/e CAT6 unshielded and CAT6a CAT7 shielded connectors.
Crimps RJ45 (8P8C) pass through and RJ12 (6P6C) and RJ11 (6P4C/6P2C) connectors.

International Order: Item will be shipped from China warehouse by International Shipping with 8-15 days of delivery in normal conditions. Shipping time and date varies on the distance of different countries, extra shipping fee might be charged for remote area and sometimes the time will be 10-20 days of delivery.

About Yankok®:
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