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Erhalten Sie 5% Rabatt für Neukunden auf den Code High5

Yankok HT718 RJ45 Pass Through Crimp Tool Kit with WZ468 Network Cable Tester


✅Multi Modular Plugs Crimper – Fast, reliable modular-crimp connector installation for voice and data applications. Crimps, strips and cuts standard, shielded and pass through connectors for RJ45 Cat 3/4/5/5e/6 (8x8) (8P8C), RJ12 6-position (6x6) (6P6C), RJ11 4-position (6x4) (6P4C) and RJ11 2-position (6x2) (6P2C).

✅Come with WZ468 Network Tester – The WZ468 network tester is used to assess the integrity and connectivity of network cables. It is employed to identify faults, such as open circuits, short circuits, or incorrect wiring configurations, in Ethernet and other types of cables. It has two main components – a transmitter that sends signals through the cable and a receiver that detects and analyzes these signals, providing feedback on the cable's condition.

✅Come with Wire Cutter – Designed for cutting wires cleanly and precisely. This wire cutter is essential for various applications, including electrical work, telecommunications, and network installations. It helps ensure accurate and efficient wire termination by producing clean and even cuts.

✅Come with RJ45 Connectors and Boots – Pass-thru connectors are often used with modular crimping tools and are popular in applications where quick and reliable terminations are required. RJ45 strain relief boots are protective covers that are applied to the ends of RJ45 connectors. Together they will save your time and effort on networking projects.

🎁What’s in the Package? – Package includes 1x HT718 Pass Through Crimper, 1x WZ468 Network Cable Tester (Battery Not Included), 1x Wire Cutter, 1x Mini Punch Down Tool, 1x Replacement Blade Set, 50x Pass Thru Connector and 50x RJ45 Strain Relief Boots. All together make this all-in-on network tool kit a top-ranked choice today.



What’s in the Package?
1x HT718 Pass Through Crimper
1x WZ468 Network Cable Tester
1x Wire Cutter
1x Mini Punch Down Tool
1x Replacement Blade Set
50x Pass Thru Connector
50x RJ45 Strain Relief Boots

Item Features:
HT718 pass through crimper crimps, strips and cuts standard, shielded and pass through connectors.
The network cable tester is designed to test and troubleshoot various types of network cables, including RJ45, RJ11 ends, to make sure they are in working order prior to connecting to your devices.
Basic pocket mini cable stripper integrated with punch down functions, easy to use and storage.
The wire cutter is designed for cutting wires cleanly and precisely, especially for extra wire of pass through connectors.
The pass through connectors support cat5 and cat6 cables and fit cables with a jacket OD of under 6.0-6.5 mm OD.
Come with RJ45 strain relief boots to cover the end of the connectors for quick disconnection.
This Professional crimping tool kit is a time saving choice for both starters and pros on networking area.

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